Our Pastor

Pastor Ronald C. Session has a unique brand of preaching that synthesizes doctrinal truths into everyday language.  Listening to Rev. Ron preach, is like having a conversation with a friend.  His approach to the scriptures is not so high that you cannot relate to the message but is challenging enough to keep you reaching for righteousness.  He prefers the use of colorful and relevant illustrations that he draws from personal life experiences, media, and his extensive readings to drive his point home.

On any given Sunday or Wednesday you can hear Pastor Session teaching practical applications of Biblical text that lays out a clear path that leads to victorious daily living.  In other words, he “keeps it real.”  Those in attendance may hear a series on Biblical money management one month then a series on finding your purpose in life the next.  God has gifted him with the unusual ability to blend authenticity, humor, and power in his clearly understandable, creative style of preaching.

You are welcome to join us each and every Sunday morning at 8:00 am for “Worship Express”.  At 10:30 a.m. be energized by our blended worship experience led by the Shiloh Music Ministry and listen as Rev. Ron gives Biblical answers to real life issues of today.  Don’t forget Wednesday nights for “Power Points” where he teaches transforming Bible lessons designed to answer life’s many questions and equip disciples for victorious living.

Come and discover how we are becoming a GC2 church!