Engage in meaningful relationships by doing life together. Be a part of each other’s lives, fellowships, and be on mission together. It is in the context of these groups that genuine community and growth begins to happen.

We believe you can't do life alone

Are you looking for a way to get connected to other people in our church? If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus and take next steps, you need people surrounding you to encourage you, challenge you, and be there for you. Groups are a great opportunity for you to get connected to our church and take your relationship with God to the next level! Groups meet on Sundays at 9:00 am.  This is our Community Focus Group time.  You’re welcome to connect!

What can I expect?

Groups are all about people taking next steps together. At each meeting you will have a leader that leads the discussion and offers up questions for the group to answer. The goal for all of your group meetings is to identify your next step and encourage each other in taking next steps.

We also spend time praying for one another and offering support to those who are at certain points in their journey where they could use encouragement. Groups are a great way to experience community.


Frequently asked questions

How long do groups last?

We currently parallel the school schedule that most districts are on. We encourage family time so we break when the kids are out of school and start again when they’re back.

When and where do groups meet?

Groups at the church at 9:00 am. We would be glad to assist you in finding a group that is right for you.

What will I study in group?

Groups generally study the same subject but just like no two fingerprints are the same neither are any two group leaders. We have a variety of personalities that lead groups. We’re confident that there’s one that will suit your needs.

For more information about our Groups, or to join a group, please contact us: